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Pre-Surgical Recommendations

Ensuring your pet is ready for surgery.

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork

Why do we recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing? It is the best level of care we can offer to help assure your pet is healthy enough to risk an anesthetic procedure. That’s right, anytime a human or animal is anesthetized there are risks associated with even the safest agents (which we use). Blood tests and other clinical laboratory procedures our doctors may recommend giving us a peek at what is happening with the internal organs - things you can’t see with a physical examination alone. Our blood panels take a look at the white and red cell counts, the platelets (for clotting), and hemoglobin (for oxygen), as well as a chemistry screen that looks at the internal organs.  PreAnesthetic blood screening is highly recommended for all of our patients undergoing anesthesia and is required in all pets over 6 years of age.

IV Fluid Therapy

Why fluid therapy?  This is to support your pet during and after surgery to help prevent dehydration and shock and to detoxify the body quicker by eliminating the waste products formed by the anesthetic agents and stress associated with the surgery.  If I.V. fluids are used there is also quicker and safer venous access available if emergency treatments are needed during the procedure.  IV fluids are highly recommended for all of our patients undergoing anesthesia and are required in all pets over 6 years of age.

ECG (Electro Cardiogram)

Why an Electrocardiogram?  Your pet’s heart functions through a complicated electronic system.  That electronic system can be evaluated in advance of the procedure to help assure there are no obvious abnormalities called arrhythmias that can sometimes create fatal situations during anesthesia.  This painless, quick test can be performed the morning of the anesthetic procedure; results and recommendations are provided by a veterinary cardiologist before the anesthetic procedure begins.

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Pre-Surgical Recommendations