Considering dog daycare? Please read this additional information about your dog’s first day in daycare.

New Dog Introductions

If it is your dog's first time to our dog daycare, they are required to complete a "New Dog Introduction".  During the introduction we perform a behavioral assessment and introduce them to our dog "pack" so they can play in dog daycare!

New dog introductions are Monday thru Saturday by appointment only. Please us call to set up an appointment for new dog introductions (509-545-6761).  New Dog Introductions are $15 per dog.

Our team uses reward-based, positive reinforcement and verbal commands to shape basic manners and appropriate play skills. Activities are supervised and dogs are provided with safe play equipment and toys to stimulate healthy interactions among the dogs.

We are committed to making PMC's Dog Daycare a very positive and rewarding experience for every dog that attends.

We also offer overnight stays to board your pets!  Click here for more information.


$5.50 per hour per dog (“Pay-as-you-go”)

Pre-pay packages:

30 hours for $150

50 hours for $210

105 hours for $400

NEW!  Unlimited Monthly $475 (auto-draft subscription)

See Health Requirements for Daycare below.

Play rules and expectations

Basic manners and appropriate play skills are a vital part of healthy interactions with staff and other dogs. All dogs in daycare are immersed in appropriate shaping of those skills every moment they are here. This is done with reward based positive reinforcement and verbal markers.

Daycare Health Requirements

  • Examination by a licensed veterinarian within six months prior to admittance.  Yearly proof of examination is required thereafter.
  • Negative fecal examination (intestinal parasites and Giardia) within six months prior to admittance and every 6 months thereafter.  The test results must be provided by a licensed veterinarian.
  • All dogs must be over 4 months of age.
  • All dogs over 7 months must be spayed or neutered.  *There is a two week minimum waiting period for healing after surgery, before your dog can return to daycare.*
  • All dogs must complete a thorough temperament assessment by a member of our staff prior to admittance into daycare.
  • If you require a slightly later pick-up time (past 5pm), please call us to see if we can accommodate your request!

Vaccination Requirements:

4 months to 1 year:  Must have a 2 vaccination series against distemper and parvo, the last one at 12 weeks or older or a blood titer test showing immunity to distemper/ parvo prior to admittance. If no titer test, the final parvo vaccination will be required at 16 weeks or older at least one month prior to admittance into dog daycare. The last vaccination has to be given at least 4 weeks or more before admittance to daycare.

Greater than one year: Vaccination against distemper/ parvo after 1 year of age if had series given at less than 6 months of age, or a protective blood titer against distemper and parvo prior to admittance.  If dog did not have vaccinations at less than 1 year of age then it needs to have a vaccination at least 1 month prior to admittance or have a blood titer test showing immunity to distemper parvo prior to admittance.

2 years and older: Proof of distemper/ parvo vaccination every 3 years or a protective blood titer for distemper/parvo every 3 years.

8 years and older: No distemper/parvo vaccination after 8 years of age but distemper/parvo titer required at 8 years or over when first admitted to daycare.

RABIES: Current rabies certificate required to prove vaccination by 4 months of age.  Vaccination must be given 1 month or more before admittance.

Requirements can be waived if health conditions preclude vaccinating.  In order for requirements to be waived a protective blood titer must be shown at least one month prior to admittance.

Have records from another Vet?  Email them to us at